How to book

How to book

Step-by-step how to book for Koppi Sweet thing Kreef Hotel

Kreef Hotel bookings now open! Expect hot showers, clean toilets, fulltime security, buffet breakfast , cellphone charging service, luggage porters, private bar

everything you could expect from 0.5 star hospitality
“The calm thing is to stay important”

To book, click on the Kreef Hotel ticketing tab on the Oppikoppi festival Facebook page, or follow these steps:

1. Buyer goes to the Oppikoppi Sweet\Thing Facebook page and selects the KREEF HOTEL tab or click on the Sweet\Thing logo on your right.

2. Buyer logs in or registers (please note the Oppikoppi and Kreef Hotel customers who register are part of the same database. So all customers who have registered to purchase tickets for Oppikoppi can use the same log-in details to purchase Kreef Hotel tickets and vice versa)

3. Complete the “Accommodation form”

  • Select “Group Name” – each buyer is able to create their own group name.
  • Select “Accommodation Type” – select Kreef Hotel from the drop-down box
  • Select the number of people who will be part of the “Group”
  • Select the “Arriving early / leaving late” tick boxes if applicable

4. Complete the “People Box”

  • This is all the information of the people whom form part of the “Group”.
  • Please note it is imperative that each person’s ID number is added as ID book’s will be scanned for entry at the reception area.

5. Select “Tents”

  • Scroll over the green icon next to each persons name and drag it to below the tent drop-down box
  • Select the Tent Type
  • After all the people in your group has been assigned to a tent you can submit the page

6. Confirm all the buyer / tent details and select payment method

7. Complete payment and receive email confirmation

For more info, please email